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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

North Carolina 440 MHz Repeaters

01 Nov 2003
Updated 30 May 2004

This is a directory of North Carolina 440 MHz Amateur Radio repeaters. It is carefully compiled from various sources using the latest and most authoritative VHF/UHF information.

Location Frequency Callsign Note Tone Sponsor
#Ahoskie 444.200+ WB4YNF #o t131.8 WB4YNF
Air Bellows Gap 443.575+ WA4PXV rBi   WA4PXV
Andrews/Robbinsville 442.600+ WD4NWV oe t151.4 WD4NWV
Andrews/Robbinsville 443.650+ K4AIH el   WD4JEM
Anderson Mt./Denver 444.075+ K4CCR oelr t88.5 CATAWBA C
Apex 442.075+ KD4PBS oep t114.8 KD4PBS
Archdale 442.775+ KI4ASR PROP    
Asheboro 444.975+ KE4QAP o    
Asheville 442.550+ WA4TOG oel   WA4TOG
Asheville 442.650+ KD4GEU o    
Asheville 443.275+ KF4TLA o(CA)el t103.5 KF4TLA
Auburn 442.275+ N4ZCM o    
Benson 444.550+ K4JDR o(CA)ls RB t100.0 KD4RAA
#Bladenboro 444.325+ KC4FWC #ol t77.0 W4DEX/KC4FWC
#Bladenboro 444.725+ KC4FWC #ol t77.0 KC4FWC
Boone/Rich Mt 444.575+ KC4FWC ol t77.0 W4DEX/KC4FWC
Brevard 442.850+ AG4AZ oe   AG4AZ
Bryson City 443.400+ NØSU e t151.4 NØSU/K4JA
Buies Creek 444.275+ NC4BJ o(CA)e t131.8 K4JDR
Burgaw 444.075+ N4JDW oel t88.5 N4JDW
Burnsville 443.650+ KD4WAR oaelz   KD4WAR
Canton 443.475+ KE4UIU ol t156.7  
Cary 444.775+ K4JDR o(CA)el RB t100.0 KD4RAA
Castalia 444.975+ N4JEH el t107.2 N4JEH
Chapel Hill 442.150+ W4UNC oe t131.8 OCRA
Chapel Hill 443.475+ W4UNC oe t131.8 OCRA
?Charlotte 421.250+ W4PPN     W4PPN
Charlotte 442.650+ N4IBM e t88.5 WA2EDN
Charlotte 443.950+ KD4OWV o    
Charlotte 444.350+ K4KAY oe t118.8 K4KAY
Charlotte 444.450+ W4CQ oe   CHARLOTTE
Charlotte 444.600+ W4BFB oe t100.0 MECKLENB
Charlotte 444.675+ W4WBT o   BELL SOUTH
Charlotte 444.850+ W4CQ oe   CHARLOTTE
Charlotte 444.950+ WA1WXL oel t136.5 W1WBT
Cherry Mt 442.500+ KG4JIA oaeWX t94.8 KG4JIA
China Grove 443.250+ N4JEX o t136.5 W1WBT
Claremont 443.775+ WB4SRV oel t118.8 WB4SRV
Clayton 444.150+ K4JDR or t100.0 KD4RAA
Colombia 443.300+ KB4TOH oel t131.8 COLUMBIA
Columbus 442.075+ K4JLA o t103.5 SPARTANB
Concord 442.525+ N2QJI o(CA)Bi PROP t94.8 N2QJI
Crab Creek Twp 443.125+ KB4PQA oeRB    
Crowders Mt 443.675+ KD4FRP o    
Dallas/Charlotte 443.850+ KC4YOZ oel t100.0 MUG
Durham 444.100+ WR4AGC oal   DURHAM F
Durham 444.575+ W4BAD oel t88.5 KG4GAL
Durham 444.925+ KB4WGA oe t100.0 KB4WGA
?Durham TV Hill 421.250+ KJ4SO oel t107.2 KJ4SO
Efland 442.050+ WA1YYN   107.2 WA1YYN
Elizabeth City 444.300+ WA4VTX oae t131.8 PASQUOTA
Elm City 442.325+ K2IMO oel PROP t88.5 K2IMO
Fayetteville 444.400+ K4MN o t100.0 CAPE FEAR
Forest City 443.300+ AI4M oe t114.8 AI4M
Fountain 444.425+ N4HAJ olWX   N4HAJ
Franklin/Cowee Mt 444.375+ N4DTR oelp t131.8 N4DTR
Gastonia 442.700+ KC4YOT o t100.0 KC4YOT
Gastonia 442.775+ KG4LWG o t123.0 KG4LWG
Gastonia 444.750+ NC4GC o T GASTON C
Gastonia/Crowders Mt 443.750+ KC4ZTI oaelRBz   KC4ZTI
Gastonia/Crowders Mt 444.150+ AG4EI oaelRBz T AG4EI
Gastonia/Spencer Mt 444.550+ N4GAS o(CA)   GASTON CT
Gibsonville 443.025+ WB4IKY oa t107.2 WB4IKY
Gibsonville 444.350+ WB4IKY o t107.2 WB4IKY
Goldsboro 443.000+ KI4RK o(CA)e t100.0 GARC
Graham 443.725+ K4GWH oe t156.7 K4GWH
Grantsboro 444.350+ KR4LO oe   KR4LO
?Greensboro 421.250+ KO4AT     KO4AT
Greensboro 441.975+ KG4BTN o PROP t162.2 KG4BTN
Greensboro 442.875+ W4GSO oep t88.5 GREENSBO
Greensboro 443.850+ KG4BTN o t88.5 KG4BTN(G
Greensboro 444.225+ K4GWH olz t146.2 K4GWH
Greensboro 444.475+ KG4BTN oe t107.2 KG4BTN(G
Greensboro 444.950+ KF4DWV oael PROP t100.0 W4GG
Greenville 444.800+ WB4PMQ o t131.8 WB4PMQ
Hatteras Island 444.925+ K4OBX oe t131.8 W4HAT
Haw River 443.775+ KD4JFN oaeRBz t107.2 KD4JFN
Henderson 442.125+ KG4IWI l t88.5 KG4IWI
Henderson 444.375+ KB4WGA o t100.0 KB4WGA
Hendersonville 442.450+ WA4TOG     WA4TOG
Hendersonville/ Bear Wallow Mt 444.250+ WA4KNI o   PRI JOHNS
Hickory 442.375+ WA4PXV e   WA4PXV
Hickory 444.000+ K4JEQ o   K4JEQ
Hickory 444.800+ KF4LUC e t94.8 KF4LUC
High Point 443.900+ W4UA oe   HPARC
High Point 444.025+ KD4JFN oa t107.2 AC4DZ
Hillsborough 443.950+ WA1YYN el PROP t114.8 GRA
Hillsborough 444.450+ WR4AGC aelr t100.0 WB4YYY
Holly Springs 444.325+ KF4AUF o(CA)elr t100.0 K4JDR
Huntersville 443.225+ W8EMX o t100.0 W8EMX
#Jacksonville 444.675+ KE4JDP #oe t88.5 KE4JDP/ON
Kannapolis 443.350+ N4JEX oa t136.5 W1WBT
Kernersville 442.975+ KF4DAR o t107.2 KF4DAR
Kernersville 443.325+ KF4IXK epr t131.8 KF4QDS
#King/Sauratown Mt 444.200+ KE4QEA #o t100.0  
Kinston 444.575+ N4HAJ o(CA)elWX t88.5 N4HAJ
Kinston 444.425+ N4HAJ o(CA)e PROP t88.5  
Kernersville/High Point 443.700+ KE4QOX oelz t103.5 KE4QOX
Lake Gaston 442.350+ KF5TU o(CA) t100.0 N4JEH
#?Laurinburg 443.825+ KC4FWC #ol t77.0 W4DEX/K
Lenoir/Cajah Mt 443.525+ N4EUX oe   WESTERN C
Level Cross 442.825+ K4ITL   t82.5  
Lexington 442.275+ KOØNTZ p t146.2 KOØNTZ
Lexington 442.425+ K4AE oe t107.2 LARC
Lexington 442.925+ K4CH oe t107.2 EFAR GROUP
Lexington 444.500+ W4PAR o T HSM VHF SO
Lillington 444.175+ W4FBC ep PROP t118.8 FARS
Lincolnton 442.350+ WA4YGD oaRBz   WA4YGD
Linville 442.175+ KC4UBR   t136.5 KC4UBR
Locust 443.700+ WA4LBT o(CA)l   WM GLENN
Louisburg 444.250+ N4EWS o t88.5 N4EWS
Louisburg 444.875+ KD4RAA oeRB t100.0 KD4RAA RE
Lumberton 444.625+ WB4DVN oe   WB4DVN
Lumberton 444.700+ KD4BGD o t114.8 KD4BGD
Mayodan 443.975+ WA4WGY ol   ROCKINGHAM
McLeansville 444.125+ WB4GUG ol T WB4GUG
Middlesex 444.650+ NE4J oel t179.9 NE4J
Monroe 444.300+ W4ZO ols t100.0 W4ZO
Monroe 444.425+ NC4UC o t94.8 UCARS
Moravian Falls 442.675+ KA2NAX oe PROP t88.5 KA2NAX
?Morehead City 444.825+ KD4RAA   100.0 KD4RAA
Morganton/Walker Top 442.300+ KC4QPR ol t94.8 KC4QPR
Morganton 443.800+ KC4QZL oe T KC4QZL
Mount Airy 444.925+ N4XRY o   N4XRY
Mt Airy/Fisher Peak 444.825+ KF4UY oaelRB t100.0 KF4UY
Mt Mitchell 443.600+ N4DWU oe t114.8 WA4BVW
Nashville 443.700+ N4JEH oes t107.2 N4JEH
New Bern 444.900+ W4EWN oe t100.0 NBARC(NE
Newel 442.125+ WT4IX oE-SUN t156.7 WT4IX
Newport 444.825+ KD4RAA o(CA)ls RB t100.0 KD4RAA
Newport 444.975+ W4YMI o   CCARS
Newton 442.625+ KE4KIV o   KE4KIV
Old Fort 444.775+ KR4EX os    
Oxford 444.600+ NO4EL o   GRANVILLE
?Pikeville 443.000+ KI4RK     KI4RK
Piney Knob 443.875+ KC4KPW oel t103.5 KC4KPW
Pittsboro 442.550+ K1BUD o(CA) T  
Pittsboro 444.750+ KD4JFN oaeRBz t146.2 KD4JFN
Polkville 444.975+ KC4ZTJ o(CA)   KC4ZTJ
Raleigh 442.450+ N4LMR o(CA)   N4LMR
Raleigh 442.575+ W4MLU   t94.8 W4FAL
Raleigh 442.675+ W4ATC or t100.0 NCSU ARC
Raleigh 443.125+ WA4NNA o   WA4NNA
Raleigh 443.225+ N4ZCM o(CA)e T N4ZCM
Raleigh 443.375+ W1IFL o T W1IFL
Raleigh 444.525+ W4RNC oaez t82.5 t203.5 RALEIGH A
Raleigh 444.675+ KD4RAA o(CA)el t100.0 BNR/NT AR
Raleigh 444.825+ K4GWH oelz t146.2 K4GWH
Raleigh 444.850+ W4BAD oel t100.0 KG4GAL
?Raleigh/Louisburg 444.875+ KD4RAA   100.0 KD4RAA
Reidsville 444.800+ K4YEC o t107.2 K4YEC
Res. Triangle Park 443.425+ WA1YYN oel t156.7 WA1YYN
Res. Triangle Park 443.625+ W4EUS o   ERICSSON
Roanoke Rapids 444.550+ KA4BQM oel t192.8 KA4BQM
?Rockingham 443.825+ KC4FWC     KC4FWC
Rocky Mount 444.700+ N4JEH o(CA)e t107.2 CARL M BR
Rocky Mount 444.850+ WN4Z oe t131.8 ROCKY MO
Rolesville 444.950+ KF4HFQ e t88.5 FCARC
Rougemont/Red Mt 443.275+ WA4WTX oaeRB t100.0 WA4WTX
Roxboro 442.175+ KE4GYN ae t156.7 KE4GYN
Salisbury 443.150+ W4HG oae t136.5 WA4PVI
Salisbury 444.650+ KJ4HF esRB t88.5 KJ4HF
Sauratown Mt 443.100+ KE4QOX ol t88.5 WW4FL
Sauratown Mt 443.050+ W1WBT ol t136.5 W1WBT
Scotland Neck 444.075+ WA4TCC oel PROP t156.7 WA4TCC
Selma 444.000+ KI4RK o(CA)e   KI4RK
?Shelby 427.250+ W4NYR     W4NYR
Shelby 444.325+ W4NYR oe   SHELBY AR
Sophia/Randleman 443.075+ WR4BEG oel   BROADCAST
Southern Pines 444.800+ KD4QMS er t118.8 KD4QMS
#Stanfield 443.200+ KC4FWC #ol t77.0 W4DEX/KC4FWC
Statesville 443.450+ N4VOZ oa   N4VOZ
Statesville 444.700+ AE4GA oep t94.8 AE4II
Tarboro 444.500+ N4JEH oel t100.0 N4JEH
Tarboro 444.925+ N4NTO oe t118.8 N4NTO
Taylorsville 441.625+ W4ERT e t123.0 ALEX CTY A
Taylorsville 442.950+ W4ERT oaez t151.4 ALEXAND
Thomasville 442.900+ WW4DC ol t88.5 WW4FL
Valdese 442.600+ WA4PXV     WA4PXV
Waxhaw 444.525+ WA4ZRS op t94.8 WBT ARC
Waynesville 444.450+ N4DTR oel   N4DTR
?Wentworth 442.100+ N4IV e PROP t103.5 RC ARC
West Jefferson 443.500+ AB4JJ e t107.2 AB4JJ
Wilkesboro 442.475+ KE4DGP oal t107.2  
Wilkesboro 443.550+ KC4XE ol t94.8 BLUE RIDG
Williamston 444.250+ K4SER oel t131.8 ROANOKE A
Wilmington 442.075+ N4JDW oael t88.5 N4JDW
Wilmington 442.175+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 442.200+ WA4US o(CA)RB T WA4US
Wilmington 442.500+ K4YNY oaelRB t88.5 K4YNY
Wilmington 443.400+ AD4DN oelsWX t88.5 AD4DN
Wilmington 443.850+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 443.950+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 443.050+ N4JDW oel t88.5 N4JDW
Wilmington 444.200+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 444.450+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 444.650+ WA4US o   WA4US
Wilmington 444.850+ K4GMP oe t88.5 WILMINGTON
Wilson 444.900+ W4EJ oel t179.9 W4EJ
Wingate 444.875+ WB4U e t127.3 WB4U
Winston-Salem 444.275+ W4NC o   FORSYTH A
Winston-Salem 444.725+ KD4MMP o(CA)e t107.2 KD4MMP
Yadkinville 442.025+ KD4KMK e t100.0 KD4KMK
Yadkinville 442.800+ N4AAD oa t100.0 N4AAD/KC
Youngsville 443.200+ KC4WDI oael t88.5 KC4WDI
?Zebulon 442.400+ N1GMV   t88.5 N1GMV
Zirconia 441.900+ N2QJI o(CA)Bi PROP t94.8 N2QJI

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