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Solar X-rays
Geomagnetic Field

Georgia 220 MHz Repeaters

01 Nov 2003
Updated 30 May 2004

This is a directory of Georgia 220 MHz Amateur Radio repeaters. It is carefully compiled from various sources using the latest and most authoritative VHF/UHF information.

Location Frequency Callsign Note Tone Sponsor
Acworth/Atlanta 224.320- N4MTA oe t123.0 DELTA 4 RG
Acworth/Atlanta 224.500- N4MTA oe t123.0 DELTA 4 RG
Alpharetta 224.580- NX9O o(CA)e RB t100.0 RFACRES
Alpharetta 224.860- KC4JNN oael RBz t100.0 KC4JNN
Atlanta 224.340- W4DOC o t146.2 ATL RC
Atlanta 224.820- KK4C o t77.0 K4PE
#Atlanta-NE 224.200- KC4OVY #o(CA)e RB t100.0 KC4OVY
Atlanta/Bell 224.620- W4PME oe t100.0 MATPARC
Atlanta/Marietta 224.120- N4NFP oael RB t151.4 BSRG
Atlanta/Marietta 224.440- N4NEQ o(CA)el RB t151.4 BSRG
Atlanta/Marietta 224.960- K4RFL oeRB t100.0 GIRA
Augusta 224.940- WB4KXO o(CA)   WB4KXO
Biskey Mt 224.160- KC4JNN oael RBz t100.0 KC4JNN
Cedartown 224.780- KC4KLW oe t179.9 KC4KLW
Clayton 224.720- W4UWH o PROP   W4UWH
Conley 224.280- N4MNA o   N4MNA
#Conyers 224.020- WBJEH #ol    
Dahlonega 224.380- N4RBT o t100.0 N4RBT
Dallas 224.180- N4YDX oe   N4YDX
Dallas 224.540- N4YEA o(CA)e   N4YEA
Dallas 224.700- W4TIY oeRB   PAULDING
Dalton 224.360- N4BZJ oae t 7.135 RPTR
Dalton 224.460- N4BZJ o t118.8 N4BZJ
Dalton 224.680- N4BZJ o   7.135 RPTR
Dalton 224.740- N4KVC oRBz t 7.135 RPTR
#Decatur 224.760- W4BOC #o   ALFORD ME
Eatonton 224.100- K4SWS oes PROP t179.9 K4SWS
Ft Mountain/ Chatsworth 224.240- N4YYD o(CA)e RBz t71.9 N4YYD
Gainesville 224.840- W4TL o t203.5 W4TL
Hawkinsville 224.820- WR4MG o PROP t107.2 KB8CUH
Jasper 224.400- KC4AQS elRB t100.0 KC4AQS
Jasper 224.600- W4UWH oe t100.0 NP2Y
Lookout Mt 224.560- W4RRG oel t KS4QA
Lookout Mt 224.640- W4RRG oel   KS4QA
Marietta 224.260- KE4QFG   t110.9 KE4QFG
Marietta 224.900- W4LMA o(CA)z   LARC-LOCK
Pine Log Mt 224.520- K4AIS oeRB   K4AIS
Ray City 224.220- KB0Y oels WX t141.3 KB0Y
Snellville 224.920- W4CSX o t100.0 MARCEL
Valdosta 224.460- KB0Y oeRB t141.3 SGRA
Villa Rica 224.300- KB4TIW oae t131.8 VILLA RICA
Waleska 224.140- KD4ALC oe   KD4ALC
Waleska/ Pine Log 224.940- K4AIS o(CA)e RBz   K4AIS
Warner Robbins 224.840- WR4MG oae RBz   MID GA RAD
Watkinsville 224.420- KD4AOZ o t123.0 KD4AOZ
Yorkville 224.880- WD4LUQ oeRB t77.0 WD4LUQ
Young Harris 224.660- NP2Y o PROP t100.0 WP2ADK
?Cumming 224.980- K4JSR o(CA)l   K4JSR

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